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Has the time come for the other contenders to secede so the real Shakespeare can finally claim his crown?

This case is based on assertions that may at best be described as conjecture and is unfortunately reliant on

circumstantial evidence, the same that can be said for all previous claims for alternative Shakespeares. The

case put forward here is necessarily succinct and has not been elaborated upon in papers or books, for it

seems presumptuous and indeed folly to devote too much time, energy and money to a theory that cannot

be proved. It is hoped, however, that in the wake of these brief notes, a piece of indelible evidence may

come to light which will finally put to rest the debate about the authorship of Shakespeare’s works, and

unmask the many falsehoods perpetuated in his name, so that, in the words of the old proverb -

Truth will out.

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